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HelloIn life, we're never done testing and learning about ourselves; your business is no different. My goals
are simple. I apply my design skills, user experience expertise, project management, and relentless drive for success to develop cutting-edge, user-friendly and results driven experiences.

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  Abbey Tosic
User Experience | Creative Direction
Leadership | Project Management

User Experience and Design Director, Optum
Over 10 Years of Interactive Industry Experience


"Abbey excelled in taking over new challenges
as a project manager apart from her core
competencies as a design director. She is detail
oriented in putting up business cases, design
concepts and strategic objectives."

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Design Studio Workshops

Conducting a Design Studio workshop in the early phases of a project enables the team to get detailed client requirements, group buy-in, and feedback in a way that many clients struggle doing in a standard kick off meeting.

Highlights and Outcomes:

  • The Design Studio Workshop is a half day, 4 hour session.

  • Participants are made up of representatives and key stakeholders (can be 5-20 people).
  • Workshop focus is on Rapid Idea Generation, Collaboration and Reiteration

  • Allows collaboration to understand the nature, opportunities, and constraints of the defined scope / scenarios.

  • Allowing ideas from various perspectives and insights to percolate within the team.

  • Creates open and honest critique of various concepts.

  • Allows participants to defend their concepts and negotiate with other team members.

  • Solidify ideas and surface unknown requirements.

  • Creates shared agreement and ownership around future product vision and next steps.
  • The workshop ends with several design concepts and a general consensus for direction to focus on for the first round of wires

Design Studio Workshop in Action

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