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Abbey Smalley

Abbey Smalley

UX Product Design and Ops Leader

A Wisconsinite transplanted in Minnesota. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Mentor. Caribou Coffee Drinker.

The best way to describe myself at work is that I am an empathic, creative scientist. I start with a hypothesis, and my goal before building anything is to deeply understand the problem, who we’re trying to solve it for and the business value we hope to unlock. With these three things in mind, I validate through user research tactics and seek to understand with our development partners what’s feasible in the confines of our world.

I also spend a lot of energy building authentic relationships with my team and partners because our successes are shared ones and frankly because it makes the work we do together more fulfilling.

Design and UX acumen
Creative Culture builder


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Cups of Caribou Coffee

Partnership Testimonials

Here is what some of my partners and colleagues have to say about working with me.

Brandoon Gamble
Brandon Gamble
Sr Engineer Manager

Abbey is simply amazing. I worked very closely with her to create the industry leading Optum.com Adobe Experience Manager platform. Because of her leadership and direction, the redesign of Optum.com her design team and my development team undertook won 7 awards, including the 2016 W3 Best in Show.

Ed Boudrot
Ed Bourot
VP of Product Strategy

Abbey has worked for the past three years leading top executives through Innovation, Human centered design and experience creation. She is an amazing leader focusing on the end goal of creating something better, something beautiful and something effective. She is an enterprise class leader!

John Maier
John Maier
Sr UX Leader

I reported directly to Abbey and I can say, without a doubt, that she was one of the few that truly understand what it takes to not only make a team successful in a large corporate environment that doesn't always lend itself to new and open thinking, but she also knows how to make individuals successful.